Today Holly and I put together the installation that we have been planning for the past week, here is a snapshot of one of the walls (the “poetic” one in fact) facing it is the “why are you so fucking homophobic?” wall as I affectionately named it. This wall is the softer, more subtle approach at asking people to overcome their preconceptions of sexuality. So Holly placed her canvas on it, and the painted off onto the wall. I had said I could write prose-who knows what? Half an hour before I sat in the space alone and quickly wrote out a small piece, only making minor changes when put on the wall:

"Do you ever look at others? Look at their closeness, watch the looks between two people. We think we can guess their intimate thoughts, echo their desires. If you’ve felt it, you’ll look and see it; you’re biased. You know the beauty of being them, being this one entity. Others ask you how it feels-you can’t find any words but a strand of hair over a blushing cheek holds everything you can never articulate. A feeling that isn’t unrequited. Something shared. Whole, but separate. There is always fire glowing, warming, you understand. You can think of them and be warmed, even set alight. Cliché and somewhat dangerous to describe it in such a way, but truthful none the less. This love is a fire, was a fire. Your love is a fire, whether you believe it or not. A beautiful fire, even if the embers just glow."

The grammar is all over the place, probably due to the fact it’s more of a stream of consciousness. It is cliche, it is simple but I felt like it needed to be.

Will endeavour to take some more photos of the whole “room” we managed to get for the exhibition! By Friday, foundation will be over…

It’s about asking people to re-evaluate their preconceptions of sexuality.

Me, when asked to sum up this project in one sentence. 
  April 16, 2012 at 05:03pm



Remember when the internet was briefly outraged by this at the tail end of last week? It didn’t take the mayor of London long to realise it wouldn’t be great to have moving, bus-size adverts for homophobia parading through the city’s transport arteries, and stepped in to block them. Obviously this was the most sensible way things could’ve turned out, but it was almost a shame that they were blocked so quickly, because it didn’t really give us a chance to process the idiocy of the people behind them – namely Christian groups the Core Issues Trust and Anglican Mainstream, who believe that therapy can “cure” gay people and make them: “Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!”

“Reparative therapy works to help men, who want to change their sexual orientation, naturally dissipate their homoerotic feelings and maximise their heterosexual potential,” said Reverend Lynda Rose, a spokesperson for Anglican Mainstream in the UK. Aside from making me wonder what gay men have done to Ms Rose to make her think that they’re all ill, it also made me wonder: Am I maximising my own heterosexual potential? Were the heteros of the UK maximising theirs? How do I know when I am “maximum straight”?

I did as I always do when I need guidance on matters of sexuality, and asked some strangers in the street for help.

See people’s responses to the question of the day, “Are you maximising your heterosexual potential?” here.

  April 16, 2012 at 11:25am
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I Just read this and I cannot contain my anger. how about “not Christian! ex-Christian, post-Christian and proud. Get over it!” surely there would be hell if those words were plastered across buses, advertising people who want to reinforce their non-Christian beliefs or receive ”therapy” to leave Christianity. 


These adverts are due to go up on London buses as part of a ‘gay therapy’ campaign aimed at changing the sexual orientation of homosexual people.

  April 12, 2012 at 06:13pm

"Design Anarchy"/use taboo words as jolts/is that the "correct" way to do it?